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It all began with The Denton Sleep Disorder Center located in Denton, Texas. We are a practice that offers state-of-the-art sleep study services in both of our Denton and Gainesville, TX facilities. Both sleep centers are accredited by the American Academy for Sleep Medicine and approved by Medicare and most other insurances.

Did You Know There Approximately
0 Million
Americans affected by sleep disorders each year?

Our business is  lead by a Board Certified physician in Sleep Medicine with over 30 years of  experience in sleep disorders.  He is a Clinical Associate Professor at The University of Texas Medical Branch. He completed his Residency in Internal Medicine, and his Fellowship in Pulmonary Disease at the University of Medicine and Dentistry Newark, New Jersey. He has been in practice in Denton, Texas since 1990.

Over the years in working with patients, our doctor quickly recognized the great need for affordable CPAP equipment and supplies to aid in the treatment of sleep disorders. Some include; Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Narcolepsy (excessive sleepiness), Restless Leg Syndrome, Periodic Limb Movements (arm & leg twitching during sleep), and Shift Work (Circadian rhythm disorders).

Supplying equipment from the best manufacturers of sleep apnea products.

Select from a full range of affordable treatment options, from CPAP masks and devices to oral appliances, humidifiers and much more. Affordable CPAP Supplies, LLC carries sleep apnea masks that combine lightweight comfort with a minimal design to provide superior fit and seal, helping ensure your sleep apnea therapy is as effective as possible. Choose from devices that are designed to give you a more natural breathing experience, offering whisper-quiet therapy and user-friendly technology to enhance your comfort and ease of use.

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