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Now Offering Convenient CPAP Bundle Packs!

Do you need to order a complete set of CPAP equipment instead of just one or two items? Now Affordable CPAP Supplies, LLC makes it easy for you in a simple 3 Step Process! Select your equipment (* Physician’s prescription is required for CPAP devices and all types of masks) then call our Order Assistance line to place your bundle pack order. FREE SHIPPING is applied to all bundle pack orders! Here’s how it works:

  • Step One

  • Acquire your physician’s prescription for your equipment to be ordered. A prescriptions is required for masks and CPAP devices. Visit our Contact page to get it directly to us.
  • Step 2
  • Please visit our products pages (links below) and select a total of 3 items; one CPAP device, one mask, and one hose to complete your bundle. *Please take note of the item stock numbers so we may better assist you.

ITEM 1 – Please choose your CPAP DEVICE. *Physician’s prescription required.

ITEM 2 – Please choose your CPAP MASK. *Physician’s prescription required.

ITEM 3 – Please choose your CPAP HOSE.

  • Step 3

  • Contact our Order Assistance line and a customer service representative will assist you by advising if all equipment pieces are compatible and help you in placing your order.

Call Order Assistance:    940-222-6996

Free Shipping

With Affordable CPAP Supplies, you’ll find all the equipment you’ll need for the comfort and ease for treating sleep apnea. And for an added incentive, all 3-piece CPAP bundle packs come with FREE SHIPPING. Simply follow the steps on this page.

Discounted CPAP Equipment

*Please be advise that CPAP devices and forms of CPAP will require a physician’s prescription. You can continue to our Contact Page to get that to us.